Josh Peskowitz and Magasin

Billy talks with Magasin co-owner Josh Peskowitz outside the Billy Reid pop-up in Los Angeles. Photos by Jerald Johnso

Josh Peskowitz And Magasin

Monday Jun 19, 2017

Industry veteran Josh Peskowitz first started working in fashion at age 16 and, in his words, never really did anything else. He’s since become a top influencer in menswear, working with GQ’s and Esquire, and most recently as Bloomingdale’s Men’s Fashion Director. Just over a year ago, he co-founded Magasin, a multi-brand menswear concept store in Culver City, Los Angeles. 

“Josh Peskowitz was one of the first people in NYC to cover us when we opened our shop on Bond Street in 2008,” Billy recalls. “We met at a filming for an online video series he hosted called ‘In the Closet’ for GQ. Our video topic was bourbon and we had a ‘tasting’ that turned into an epic evening well into the night with friends old and new. Since then, we've shared many good times and he's always been there as a great friend, critic and supporter.” Josh confirms their history, adding, “We have a lot of things in common in terms of the things we appreciate and when it comes to clothes in particular and craft in general…How things are made, where they are made and what the ideas are behind them. I’ve been to the Shindig four times now and always to the fashion shows. I’ve always been a supporter of Billy and Billy has always been a supporter of me.” So when Josh invited Billy to create a pop-up in Magasin, there was no pause before saying, “yes.” 

In addition to selections from the Spring-Summer 17 collection, Billy had a few knit shirts and Henleys screen printed with original designs that are only available at Magasin during the month-long installation. The collaboration kicked off with a gathering on May 11, followed by a weekend of Made To Measure appointments in the store. The Billy Reid Installation will remain at Magasin through Thursday, June 15. 

“His new shop is a natural extension of Josh - welcoming hospitality and beautifully curated collections and items,” Billy says. “It's Very cool to have the opportunity to be featured in such a terrific environment and to work with Josh.”

Magazin Event, Billy Reid, Josh Peskowitz Magazin Event, Billy Reid, Josh Peskowitz
Magasin Event, Billy Reid. Josh Peskowitz Magasin Event, Billy Reid. Josh Peskowitz
Magasin Event, Billy Reid, Josh Peskowitz