MTM Specialist Mila Pielaet

Mtm Specialist Mila Pielaet

Monday Sep 19, 2016

Our Made-To-Measure program crosses the Billy Reid aesthetic with personal tailoring and custom design to create an exceptional look and feel for the individual. A tailored jacket, pair of trousers, shirting, or tux that’s been specifically fit to your body is an unparalleled vogue experience, one that exudes confidence and style. It’s a craft that’s nearly become extinct yet runs closely with our design team’s vision for each piece in every collection. It is this marriage of the hand-crafted and personalized that attracted newly appointed Made-To-Measure Specialist Mila Pielaet to seek a position with Billy Reid. “The men’s clothing business is such a lost art, and mastering tailoring in this fashion was very intriguing to me,” she says.

Mila’s custom tailoring roots are generations old. Her mother is Russian, and Mila was born in her father’s homeland of Armenia. The family moved to Los Angeles when she was seven, but the family trade remained central to her childhood. “I started at a very young age working underneath my grandparents, more in the business of tailoring. My grandmother taught me how to sew, and at the age of 15 I had a mentor, master tailor Dino Certo,” she says. “He took me under his wing and showed me the ropes for this craft. I spent all my afternoons after school with him learning the business.”

Dino Certo, tailor to the stars, also designed men’s shoes that were sold in various high-end shops throughout the country. “I would work at these shops and apprentice him, shadow him  and learn the craft,” Mila says. “I spent summers in Naples, Italy learning from a master tailor he learned from. I’ve been doing this for well over ten years, working with various haberdashers, honing in on custom and made to measure, and that’s what I’m now doing for Billy Reid, spearheading the Made-To-Measure program.”

Mila has long been a follower of the brand, seeking out the few collection pieces allotted to L.A.’s Nordstrom and Saks for her custom tailoring clients looking to add less formal staples to their wardrobe. In June of 2015, she officially joined the Billy Reid family as a sales associate in the New Orleans store. “I really fell in love with New Orleans in my travels,” she says. “And when I found out there was a Billy Reid Nola shop location, it was a win-win for me. I knew I wanted to move to New Orleans and my husband was leaving the marine corps at that time, so I convinced him to pack up and move.”

In her new role as MTM Specialist, Mila will meet with Made-To-Measure clients in our New Orleans store, and other locations during planned visits. See below the fall schedule to reserve an appointment. 

Additionally, she will share her many years of experience within the company and educate her colleagues to deliver the same level of personal service. “I’m extremely ecstatic,” says Mila.  “Many Armenians are craftsman, jewelers, tailors and cobblers, so I feel like I’ve stayed very true to my heritage. I find it so interesting, every day is different. I work with every client in a very specialized manner, whether I’m helping them with fit or preference in style, I’m able to accommodate their needs, and that to me is the ultimate good feeling that I get. I’m not saving lives here, but I make people smile and make things fit them like they should. It’s very rewarding.”

Email Mila at to make an appointment for your Made-To-Measure experience during these special market events.

Houston, Texas 
September 19 - 21
Georgetown, DC  
September 26 - 28
Bond Street, New York  
September 29 - October 1
Florence, Alabama  
October 3 - 5
Charleston, South Carolina  
October 6 - 8
New Orleans, Louisiana   
October 10 - 13