Tom Mather

Tom Mather in his Made To Measure tuxedo at the historic John Rutledge House in Charleston, South Carolina. Photos by Olivia Rae James

Tom Mather

Friday Sep 25, 2015

Today we introduce a new series to the Journal that brings attention to our most faithful customers who, through their love for Billy Reid and their respective cities, are icons of style and place. Our friend Tom Mather of Charleston, South Carolina, joins us for a brief Q&A about his Made To Measure tuxedo as our first Billy Reid Icon.


Name: Tom Mather

Occupation: Oculoplastic surgeon. (It’s essentially cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery.)

Journal: How long have you lived in Charleston and why is it special to you?

Tom Mather: I’ve lived here for 31 years. Charleston is a city of cherished history, tradition and values with an interesting overlay of nuance, ambition and growth. The confluence of these forces has produced a beautiful city with an edge of excitement and energy.

J: How did you first learn about Billy Reid?

TM: I just walked into the [Charleston] store one afternoon. I like the smart, clean look to the clothes. There is just the right level of energy to the design.

J: Tell us about your Made To Measure suit, which has a formal but casual tuxedo aesthetic. What do you love about it?.

TM: It’s a very approachable and fun version of a classic tux. It fits me in all aspects. Physically, it wears close and neat. Emotionally, it lets me be who I am rather than forcing me to the norm. I enjoy classical themes but like to open things up some; nothing too radical, just expressive. It leaves you more open and receptive as a person.

J: What was the process of having it made like?

TM: Great fun. My wife and the staff at Billy Reid were of tremendous help. I can get lost sometimes when presented with too many choices. They were able to simplify the process almost to a series of yes and no answers. In a relative short time span the vision I had in my head was transferred to my closet.

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