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There’s an academic quality to dressing - you study the greats, iterate and refine, master what works, break the mold, rinse, and repeat. 

The journey of navigating sartorial choices is a formative one, and for the Fall ‘23 season we were inspired by the authentic experiences and style evolutions we encounter throughout the different stages of life. 

Whether it was a piece of clothing as a teenager that you never took off, the defining years spent on campus in the presence of classmates with new perspectives on style, or a trip abroad that made you look at the world differently. You become a student of curiosity and never stop learning.

A Note From Billy

“Our collection each season involves a personal point of view. We let inspiration come from the point of usage, a reflection on the life of a garment, and the relationship the pieces have in the collection. We think about what we want in our closet and how we wear the clothes. 

Fall ‘23 began as a dive into a persona called “Ivy South.” I grew up in a small town in south Louisiana called Amite, and like many from the rural south, my wardrobe was built on classic American pieces, workwear, and athletic staples. I worked in a quintessential menswear shop called The Royale Oak, which sparked my love of menswear, and the owner and family friend, Joe Buddy Anderson, to this day, is one of my most influential style icons. He was always on point with his preppy foundation, mixed in random workwear and a few great campus pieces, and knew all tailored clothing protocol - he had his own look. We’ve always tried to build from that foundation and continue to evolve it. For us, “Ivy South” inspired us from an honest perspective.”


Our first drop of the season, Fields, was informed by the sense of discovery, spontaneity, and hint of nostalgia often seen and felt in early fall.
These rural fields represent a youthful freedom, a wildness, and a reunion where we become one with nature and relish adventure, both outside and in our closets. Late nights turn to early mornings out here, which makes easy layers, cuffed hems, and versatile staples right at home. 

This season, the result of our own study is an effortless blend of prep-inspired utilitarian pieces, relaxed practicality, polished tailoring, elevated sportswear, and a hint of artful dishevelment. Pieces that are meant to be lived in. 

Welcome to Ivy South.




Mens' Fall '23
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