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Introducing: Haberdashery

Dark paneled walls engulf and hold tight to a collection of carefully accumulated pieces. Your haberdashery is personal, and you’ve elegantly cultivated it well, alongside an appreciation for the details and finer things in life.

The perfect boot you’ve had for years, an heirloom watch passed down, and a vintage leather wallet that still smells new. This thoughtfully curated wardrobe will last a lifetime with its neutral tones, rich leathers, interesting textures, and timeless outerwear.


You know what suits you, and that’s the thrill of dressing - coming into your own, finding your rhythm, and knowing when to break the rules.

For our third drop of Fall ‘23, Billy was inspired by the notion of a well-supplied haberdashery. Bearing this in mind, Haberdashery represents the next step in the evolution of our sartorial journeys, which has been our approach to this season.


We can’t wait for you to experience our newest drop of Fall ‘23.

Mens' Fall '23
Womens' Fall '23