LET'S HIT THE ROAD | Spring '22


The way the wind rushes in through the open windows. The way a wide open sky goes electric as the sun sets. The way that secret local spot tastes different from anything you’ve had before. These are the road trip moments we’ve missed, and why this season, we’re determined to get back out there (as Billy noted, “we’ve all been cooped up for a while”). It’s about being with good friends, finding inspiration in new experiences, and seeing more of our own backyard. 

Of course we’re also excited for what we’ll be wearing, which we hope you’ll find just as essential as some great driving music. There’s our Savoy Suede Workshirt, perfect for laying up on chilly mornings, and the Basketweave Crew Neck, with its subtle flecks of color. Or our go-to Westmoreland Scout Shirt, naturally garment dyed and finished with mother-of-pearl buttons. And because we believe road trippin’ doesn’t mean leaving great style at home, there’s the Silk Kelso Dress, designed with an exclusive artwork print, along with our luxurious jacquard Wrap Coat.

So pack your bags, gas (or charge) up the car, and pick a destination.
Or, just make it up along the way. 

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